The journal Czech-Slovak Pharmacy

The journal with a nearly sixty-year long tradition built on the joint publication activities of Czech and Slovak pharmaceutical experts, publishes original papers, professional abstracts and short reports from the field of pharmacy and related fields, peer-reviewed articles in each case. Furthermore, it provides the latest information on synthetic and natural pharmaceutical research, pharmacokinetics, new technology of pharmaceutical formulations, phytopharmaceutical production, history of pharmacy, pharmaceutical care projects etc. It also publishes briefings related to the activities of the Czech and Slovak Pharmaceutical Society, personal information, interesting news and information from international pharmaceutical societies. The journal is an important aid for each pharmacist, healthcare worker and expert in the areas related to pharmacy and pharmaceutical issues.

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The content of the journal Czech-Slovak Pharmacy is freely available through PubMed Database (full-text articles available via a direct link in the right hand corner on the abstract page).
ISSN 1210-7816 (Print)
ISSN 1805-4439 (Online)