Mission statement and objectives

Main goals of the Czech Pharmaceutical Society activities

The main objectives of the CzPS activities are to gather, develop and apply in practice new expertise and knowledge in the area of pharmacy and the affiliated fields, as well as to enforce their application in healthcare practice (namely to provide complex pharmaceutical care of high quality). In order to meet this goal, the CzPS organizes professional and educational events to develop and propagate the most up-to-date knowledge and research outcomes leading to continuous professional development across all pharmaceutical sciences.

About the Czech Pharmaceutical Society of the CzMA JEP

The Czech Pharmaceutical Society (CzPS) of the Czech Medical Association J. E. Purkyně, r. a. (hereinafter referred to as “CzMA JEP”) is a professional organisation operating on the territory of the Czech Republic, with its main office in: Faculty of Pharmacy, Charles University, Akademika Heyrovského 1203, 500 05 Hradec Králové.

The CzPS is an independent, voluntary, non-governmental and open society of pharmacists and experts from affiliated fields, namely healthcare and other closely related areas.

The CzPS is politically, economically and organisationally independent of all political parties, state and economic organisations, or any other social, expert and professional organisations, citizen initiatives. However, the CzPS promotes cooperation with any of these subjects when reinforcing common professional interests.

The CzPS is actively engaged in international cooperation, primarily with European pharmaceutical societies, working together in various professional fields.

The CzPS is contributing to the continuous professional development of expertise in areas of the core pharmaceutical disciplines and its related fields. The CzPS lays emphasis on scientific evidence based knowledge and its dissemination thereby raising professional and public awareness. The CzPS is committed to ensure compliance with the code of ethics of healthcare workers when providing complex pharmaceutical care to patients.

The CzPS cooperates with various organizations, institutions and public authorities, including the CzMA JEP and other specialist organisational units therein (especially with the Czech Professional Society of Clinical Pharmacy, Czech Society for Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology, Czech Society of General Practice, Czech Society for Clinical Pharmacology), both pharmaceutical faculties in the Czech Republic, and the Czech Chamber of Pharmacists, IPVZ, Ministry of Health, and other institutions in the Czech Republic, or abroad. Delegated representatives take part on behalf of the CzPS in negotiations with civil service.

The organisational structure of the CzPS respects:

  • the specialization of its members, in all individual sections across different pharmaceutical sciences,
  • member affiliation based on regions, via different regional pharmaceutical groups.