Sections of the CzPS

A list of Sections of the CzPS CzMA JEP.

  • Section of History of Pharmacy
    The Section brings together pharmacists and other professionals interested in the history of pharmacy. The mission of the Section is to collect and disseminate knowledge about the history of pharmacy and its related fields.
  • Section of Pharmaceutical Control and Bioanalytics
  • Section of Pharmaceutical Technicians
  • Section of Clinical Pharmacy
    The Section primarily focuses on the development of educational and scientific aspects of clinical pharmacy as well as their application in other pharmaceutical disciplines.
  • Section of Pharmacy Practice
    The Section of Pharmacy Practice aims to bring together pharmacists practising in the Czech Republic. The Section has the most numerous member base of the CzPS.
  • Section of Natural Drugs
    The Section of Natural Drugs of the CzPS involves pharmacists and other professionals with special interest in pharmaceutical botany, pharmacognosy, phytotherapy and phytotoxicology, phytopharmaceuticals and relevant pharmacoeconomic aspects, as well as dietary supplements, phytocosmetics and legislation related to these topics.
  • Section of Hospital Pharmacists
    The Section of Hospital Pharmacists (SHP) is a professional section of the CzPS. The members of the Section are formed predominantly from hospital-based pharmacists or other professionals interested in the issues of hospital pharmacy.
  • Section of Social Pharmacy
  • Section of Synthetic Drugs
    The Section of Synthetic Drugs brings together professionals with deeper interest in pharmaceutical chemistry (medicinal chemistry) working mainly in research, development and manufacturing of drugs. The main activity of the section is to exchange information on new trends in drug research as well as innovations in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals.
  • Section of Pharmaceutical Technology
    The Section of Pharmaceutical Technology brings together professionals and experts from different departments dealing with the design, research, development, manufacturing and quality control of medicinal products and drugs. The Section gathers notable experts from various areas, such as academia, research centres, and pharmaceutical industry, as well as hospital and community pharmacists.