The Czech Pharmaceutical Society (CzPS) of the Czech Medical Association of Jan Evangelista Purkyně, r. a. (CzMA JEP)

  • Mission statement and objectives
    The main objectives of the CzPS activities are to gather information, to develop new expertise and knowledge in the area of pharmacy and related fields, to apply results in practice, as well as to enforce their application in the healthcare.
  • CzPS within CzMA JEP
    The Czech Pharmaceutical Society as a professional society is one of the members of the CzMA JEP and represents more than 34,000 professionals.
  • History of the CzPS
    The history of the CzPS dates back to 1871, when the Society of Czech Pharmacists was established.
  • Membership
    The rights of regular members of the CzPS of CzMA JEP.
  • Organisational unit structure
    Organisational unit structure – Assembly of Members, Committee of the CzPS, Audit Committee.
  • Representatives in professional committees and working groups
    Representatives of the CzPS of the CzMA delegated to professional committees and working groups.
  • Journals
    Information published in the journals is useful to all pharmacists, healthcare workers and other professionals allied to pharmacy and medicine.
  • Website information
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