Membership in the Czech Pharmaceutical Society

The Czech Pharmaceutical Society (CzPS) of the Czech Medical Association of Jan Evangelista Purkyně, r. a. (CzMA JEP) is a society of about thousand members who represent all areas of pharmacy. The main mission of the CzPS activities lies in gathering and development of new knowledge in pharmaceutical sciences and related fields, also to provide its practical application into healthcare practice (namely by provision of complex pharmaceutical care). The CzPS is formed on the ground of a number of sections bringing together professionals, driven by their distinct interest in various pharmaceutical disciplines. The sections held formal professional meetings annually, smaller or bigger in number of participants, yet always of a high quality standard. Just to name a few events: Congress of Hospital Pharmacists, Pharmacy Days, Symposium of Clinical Pharmacy of René Mach, Symposia of History of Pharmacy, Drug Synthesis and Analysis, Congress of Pharmacy Practice and many more working meetings and events. Some sections are also actively representing the CzPS through international collaboration, mainly in Europe.

The membership in the most influential professional society of pharmacists in the Czech Republic is not only socially relevant but also presents an opportunity to maintain contacts with other experts from different pharmaceutical disciplines. Moreover, the members may benefit from professional information networks, sharing and publishing information on the official web-site, including guidelines and standard operating procedures. The CzPS enables its members, through elected committees to comment on professionally relevant legislation and guidelines and also to influence the events and development in pharmaceutical fields. The membership also offers practical benefits, such as more advantageous registration fees to professional events, as well an opportunity to participate in international conferences and internships for the more actively engaged members.

Types of membership of the CzPS

  • Regular membership
  • Honorary membership
  • Associated membership

Rights of a regular member of the CzPS

  • to participate in activities of the CzPS, most often via professional sections and regional groups of pharmacists,   
  • to vote and be elected to the CzPS units,
  • to be informed about the CzPS activities and resolutions,
  • to use the help and support of the CzPS in activities arising from the CzPS mission statement and objectives,
  • to address his/her requirements, proposals and complaints to the authorized bodies of the CzPS,
  • to express freely his/her opinions, suggestions and comments concerning the activities thereof.

Duties of a regular member of the CzPS

  • to adhere to the regulations of the CzPS,
  • to contribute to the fulfilment of the mission statement and objectives (i.e. accordingly participate in activities of the CzPS, through professional sections and regional groups of pharmacists),
  • to provide the bodies and officials of the CzPS with the necessary collaboration, as well to avoid actions that might be in conflict with the interests and reputation of the CzPS,
  • to perform the entrusted tasks with due care,
  • to pay the required membership fees in due time.

Honorary membership

  • An honorary member of the CzPS may be awarded to any physical person with exceptional merits in the development of pharmaceutical science and affiliated fields.
  • An honorary membership is awarded or taken away by the authorized committee of the CzPS. It is primarily granted upon a proposal made by any of the professional sections, which may also propose other awards and honours.
  • An honorary member is entitled to the same rights and duties of a regular member. An honorary member, unless simultaneously regular members, possesses no right to vote, having only a vote of advisory status, neither can be elected. Honorary members are exempt from paying any membership fees.

Associated membership

  • An authorized committee of the CzPS may decide on the establishment of associated membership for physical or legal entities. The decision shall subsequently be presented for approval to the Board of Directors of the CzMA JEP and for registration to the Secretariat.
  • An associated member has no right to vote, neither can be elected. Membership conditions must be agreed upon in writing/and stated in written form, including the amounts of payment of membership fees and other provisions.

CzPS membership fees

Every regular member of the CzPS must pay the basic membership fee to the CzMA JEP. The membership fee is 300 CZK, uniform for all members.

Additionally, every regular member pays a membership fee of the CzPS:

  • 200 CZK annual fee for regular members with university education.
  • 150 CZK annual fee for members with high school education and others.

Membership in individual sections and regional groups does not require any additional payment.

A 50% discount on the CzPS membership fee is available in the following instances:

  • Members aged above 60 years,
  • Members on maternity, or parental leave.

According to the Articles of Association, the members who decline to pay the membership fees shall be expelled from the Society. Dutiful payment of membership fees is also a prerequisite for availability of discount rates for the registration fees for the CzPS organised events, as well as for refunding expenses for foreign travels, etc.  

More information

For more information about the membership in the CzPS, please contact the Chairman of the CzPS.