About Pharmacy

Pharmacy is a scientific and practical healthcare discipline with the mission to provide the patients with the most appropriate, effective and safe pharmacotherapy, and thereby to contribute to the maintenance, or recovery of the patient’s health.

The goals are achieved by the following means:

  • research and manufacture of synthetic and natural drugs, i.e. medicines capable of preventing, treating or diagnosing the disease with ability to influence physiological functions of an organism,

  • research of new medicinal formulations and manufacturing medicinal products,

  • quality control and ensuring safety of drugs and medicinal products,

  • providing and supplying medicinal products to the patients and healthcare workers,

  • disseminating information to patients and healthcare workers, counselling service in the area of pharmacotherapy; assessing and assuring appropriate, safe and cost-effective use of medicinal products,  including counselling, consultations and other services to support the health promotion as well as to provide early detection of severe diseases with the aim to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of therapy.

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