Expertise in the field of History of Pharmacy can be obtained by the following routes:

  • specialized curriculum within Master degree study programmes with pharmaceutical profile, e.g. courses in History and Organization of Pharmacy (FaF UK), Introduction to the Study and History of Pharmacy (FaF VFU Brno) and elective subject Selected Chapters from History of Pharmacy,
  • postgraduate studies of Clinical and Social Pharmacy (FaF UK) and Drug Safety and Quality Programme (FaF VFU Brno),
  • rigorous thesis (Candidate of Sciences) in the field of Clinical and Social Pharmacy (FaF UK) or a Social Pharmacy - Pharmacy Practice (FaF VFU Brno),
  • degree in history and related disciplines at other universities,
  • self-study and CPD (studying appropriate scientific literature, professional journals, participating in different symposia, conferences and other professional events).